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Important security notice regarding your website

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Google has announced a July 1st deadline for sites to set up an SSL certificate (also known as “https”) to prevent the dreaded “not secure” warning from appearing in Google Chrome.

If you do not already have an SSL certificate on your site, your site will be listed as Not Secure in just a few days, which could seriously impact your rankings and sales.

We’ve found a solution for you and put together some notes on this upcoming change, or you can read the technical details on Google’s blog. You won’t want to miss this, because there are only a few days left until Chrome 68 is set to released with this updated warning.

We now offer FREE SSL certificates for ALL of our hosting packages which start at $250/yr. Our servers are optimized for SEO and we also just launched our much awaited website optimization product which addresses Google ranking factors to improve your visibility in both local and organic search results. For more information, please contact us for a Free consultation and website audit to determine the best solution to ensure your website is prepared for the July 1st update.

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