Google Penguin Update 2015

As Google prepares to launch it’s “Real-Time” penguin algorithm over the next month or 2, we thought it would be perfect timing to write an article about SEO tips for 2016 in order to help site owners prepare for the upcoming changes.

The most important change Google focuses on is the natural anchor text distribution If you do it wrong, you can ruin your sites SEO potential! Lets look at this in more detail…

Natural anchor text & Distribution

  1. When creating anchor text links, both on-page and off-page, it is imperative to use Brand and URL links more frequently. Using ONLY you main keywords will affect your SEO rankings negatively, as it won’t be considered a “Natuaral” link profile.
  2. Create backlinks from Niche related sites and diversify your backlinks to your inner-pages of your website.
  3. DO NOT overuse keywords in your content, and be sure to use a variation of your keywords to ensure quality content.
  4. Exact Match Domain’s (EMD’s), can use the URL keyword more. So if your main keyword is, i.e. SEO Services Expert and your domain is, you can use this more frequently.

Here is a quick overview when considering how to use anchor text & distribution properly:

  • Brand and URL should be used the most
  • Backlink relevance is important
  • DO NOT overuse keywords
  • Use variations of keywords
  • Mix in obscure phrases
  • Exact Match Domains can use URL keyword more
  • Use primary keywords with best links
  • Links from diverse, trusted sites

Stay away from low quality sites!!!
Too many links from low quality websites can affect your SEO efforts negatively. Checking the root PR is a good way to filter out low quality sites. There are a lot of SEO tools developed that allow you to inspect the PR and DA of a website.

Remember that easy backlink sources such as article directories and social bookmarking sites are STILL a valuable resource in getting low to moderate competitive keywords ranked.

On-page factors are important
Optimizing the on-page content of your website is key to Google indexing your site correctly. Be sure to take time to audit your web page to ensure it’s optimized for you main keywords.

An ideal web page should do all of the following:

  • Be hyper-relevant to a specific topic (usually a product or single object)
    • Include subject in title tag
    • Include subject in URL
    • Include subject in image alt text
    • Specify subject several times throughout text content
  • Provide unique content about a given subject
  • Link back to its category page
  • Link back to its subcategory page (If applicable)
  • Link back to its homepage (normally accomplished with an image link showing the website logo on the top left of a page)

Frequent updates and regular promotion

  1. Update your blog or page content every week with fresh content. The more content you have, the more likely you will show up in Google search results.
  2. Continue to obtain backlinks each month, this shows gradual “Natural” growth
  3. Use Social Media to share your content.

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