Studies show that investing more in Social Media Marketing is proven to benefit your overall SEO efforts. Social Media is not just followers who enthusiastically promote your website, but they create a significant amount of quality backlinks that are good for your organic SEO profile.

I can never stress this enough, promoting well written original content is the key to make the most out of your Social Media marketing campaign. We noticed the backlinks increase almost equally to the amount of followers and fans we add. Getting quality followers and fans can take time, however by following others is a great way to get the ball rolling. Just make sure to note that if you fail to post quality content on a regular basis, chances are you will not retain the quality followers you have earned.

I found over the years that by giving, we were actually receiving and this philosophy adheres more to life than just my SEO world. If your company is struggling to produce consistent leads online then allow our company to consult with yours, after all, SEO is what we do best!!!

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