Kansas City SEO

Not all websites are created equal. After working with hundreds of clients, we discovered sites such as WordPress rank better than template driven Free sites such as wix, square space etc. We can convert these type of site to a Mobile Responsive WordPress business site, especially  if ranking in the Search Engines is important to your business.

Here are 5 tips to improve your SEO rankings in Google

  1. Create Original Content – Creating original content on a regular basis is a major factor to improving your overall Search Engine visibility. The more original the content the better Google will index your website.
  2. Social Media – Social Media marketing is a big part of SEO now. Having a business FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus account in strongly advisable.
  3. High Quality Backlinks – Getting high quality websites to link back to you will improve your overall SEO signal and PR. This can be done by sharing your blog posts on your social media channels, getting your customers to follow you, obtaining great reviews from your clients and hiring a reputable SEO company such as Kansas City SEO.
  4. Optimize your Meta tags – By optimizing your meta tags, H1 and image tags with your relevant keywords is proven to improve your relevant search viability in Search Engines such as Google.. Click here to get your free seo report by clicking here,  SEO Score for Free.
  5. Mobile Friendly – Google recently updated it’s algorithm to favor Mobile Responsive websites. To learn more about this visit our Kansas City web design page

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